Laying Porcelain Paving

Laying porcelain paving tiles is a similar process to laying natural stone flagstones. The most critical step is to have a suitable slurry tile primer such as VillaFix™ Porcelain & Stone Primer. This must be applied to the reverse of each tile before laying to achieve full adhesion. Without this essential coating, the adhesion of the tiles may fail.

The porcelain paving tiles can be laid onto a VillaFix Rapid Base Mix concrete base using VillaFix Porcelain & Stone Adhesive.

Due to the porcelain paving tiles being extremely hard, they must be cut with a water-fed rim diamond-tipped cutting disc.

The minimum joint width is 3mm. As there may sometimes be slight colour variations due to the manufacturing process, please ensure tiles are supplied from similar batches.

It is not recommended to stagger the rectangular tiles by more than 60-100mm when laying.

Laying Porcelain Paving


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