Ordering Porcelain Paving

When ordering the product, you feel is right for you, please consider the product’s suitability for the project you have in mind. We cannot accept responsibility for errors in a project where the products chosen were unsuitable or incorrectly installed.

If you are looking for advice, please visit your local Stockist. Please note that you should always allow 10% for wastage and cutting on the total meterage.

It is recommended that you order all packs for the job at the same time because batches sent at a later date may vary in colour, finish, shade, and size. When laying any of our tile products, you must mix tiles from all packs to minimise drastic shade variance on the finished look.

All products should be inspected before installation, and defects reported to your local Stockist straight away.

Porcelain must be checked to ensure that the batch codes are similar. Please note that once the paving has been installed and is considered fit for purpose Porcelain Paving Direct will not accept any liability for claims that may arise after that.

To ensure the very best from our range, we only recommend the use of our VillaFix products. We cannot accept the liability associated with the use of other brands.

We ask that you carefully follow the instructions and recommendations on all VillaFix products; otherwise, unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for any misuse of the products.

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