Porcelain & Stone Cleaner

One of the best things about porcelain paving is that it is generally a very low-maintenance flooring solution for your home or garden. However, like most other types of flooring, some aftercare is required to keep the porcelain tiles looking beautiful and performing to their maximum potential. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, we recommend VillaFix™ Porcelain & Paving Solutions products for any paving maintenance you require. Our catalogue of cleaning products is perfect for eradicating any unwanted dirt, blackspot, algae, and general dirt marks that occur with regular footfall and general everyday living. All VillaFix™ treatments are powerful, easy to use, and fast-acting to ensure your porcelain is looking the best it can in no time. These products are suitable for a range of surfaces, including brickwork, walls, decking, patios, masonry, steps, and driveways.

To ensure you achieve the best possible results from our stunning porcelain paving tiles, we only recommend the use of VillaFix™ products. We cannot accept the liability associated with the use of other brands. Before getting started with any paving maintenance, we ask that you carefully follow the instructions and recommendations on all VillaFix™ products; otherwise, unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for any misuse.

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