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The Palissandro collection of porcelain tiles are offered in a range of subtle colours that draw their inspiration from the most popular palette of colours and shades seen in natural stone. Available in 3 beautiful colours to suit any property improvement project or landscaping redesign, these wall cladding porcelain tiles replicate the appearance of natural stone perfectly while owning all the structural advantages of porcelain. These 3D tiles add a new creative dimension to the visual effect that can be achieved on walls through the use of multifaceted patterns that give depth and style to the vertical surface. This is then enhanced by the use of light and shadow. Palissandro wall cladding porcelain tiles boast extreme durability due to their hard wearing composition, which means they can withstand drastic changes in weather conditions and are resistant to stains, scratches, mould, moss, acid, and alkali.

The Key Benefits of Porcelain Paving:

  • Low maintenance - You will be happy to know that porcelain paving slabs are virtually maintenance-free. Simply sweep with a brush to get rid of accumulated dirt or wipe over with a damp cloth to eradicate more stubborn dirt.
  • Hard-wearing - The vitrification process our porcelain products go through makes each porcelain slab solid and long-lasting. Drastic changes in the weather won’t affect the quality or look of your porcelain paving.
  • Slip-resistant - With a minimum R11 slip rating, porcelain paving tiles are designed to have a slightly textured surface to combat slips and falls.
  • Stain, scratch, mould, and frost-resistant - Besides being resistant to weather changes, porcelain paving is also durable in many other ways.
  • Range of colours and effects available - Porcelain inkjet printing technology has widened the possibilities for porcelain paving. Almost any result or colour is achievable.
  • Acid and alkali resistant - Porcelain paving can withstand fertiliser and lawn treatments.
  • Colour maintaining - The manufacturing and processing of porcelain mean that even the darkest colours will not lose their intensity over time.
  • Algae and moss resistant - This is particularly important for patios in the shade or north facing.

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