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Porcelain Paving vs Decking

Posted on 20th July 2022

Outdoor decking is a beautiful way to complete your garden aesthetic and create a relaxing space for you and your guests during the summer months. However, despite looking great, there are drawbacks to decking, which is why porcelain paving excels.

Much like natural stone paving, decking is a popular choice for gardens. The problem with natural materials is that they require a high amount of maintenance and can weather and tire easily, especially as a result of the unpredictable weather conditions seen in the UK.

Porcelain paving slabs are the new way to transform your garden without the ongoing aftercare that comes with decking. Our paving is manufactured with incredible strength and durability, which makes it resistant to changes in weather conditions and any unprecedented accidents that may occur.

We have a beautiful collection of natural-looking wood effect porcelain tiles that replicate rustic timber perfectly to provide a similar look to outdoor wooden decking. Their unique appearance accurately recreates the colours and textures of natural wood.

Choose from four stunning colours: Ash, Brown, Greige, and Nut.

As well as the regular brushing and treatment decking requires, over time real wood can rot and warp which can be unsightly for your garden.

Rest assured that our wood effect porcelain paving slabs won’t rot when wet, the colour won’t fade when exposed to natural sunlight, and they are much more difficult to stain. As an added bonus, they are also extremely hard wearing and manufactured with an R11 anti-slip finish.

As well as being suitable for outdoor applications, our Hard collection can be used for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, or open plan living. Our porcelain paving tiles display the same visual advantages of real wood but retain all the benefits of porcelain.

What’s more, porcelain paving doesn’t come with the demanding maintenance that timber decking does. Occasionally you may need to use a soft-bristle brush to sweep away accumulated dust and debris to keep your paving looking spotless.

Porcelain tiles are also resistant to spills and stains, including stubborn substances like red wine, grease, and oil. They can also resist scratches, dents, and chips because of their incredible durability.

If we haven’t yet convinced you that porcelain paving tiles are the right investment for you and your home improvement project, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

With valuable experience, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products.

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