Why Choose Porcelain Paving Slabs?

If you are in search of a landscaping solution for all your home design needs, look no further than our porcelain paving slabs. The new and improved paving solution, porcelain boasts fantastic value for money, versatile options and unrivalled quality.

At Porcelain Paving Direct, we offer the best selection of porcelain paving slabs on the market today. The tiles can be used to create modern interior and exterior areas and are perfect for achieving the popular indoor-outdoor look.

Porcelain paving slabs are continuously praised for their durable composition and hard wearing capabilities, making them suitable for a range of flooring applications including pathways and patios, gardens, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

They are specifically manufactured to ensure a high quality product that will stand the test of time. What’s more, porcelain paving holds its value for years to come and effortlessly achieves the look of expensive flooring such as granite, limestone and marble.

Like the concrete industrial look of New York apartments? With our stunning Volcano collection you can create the look for less, or choose porcelain paving slabs from our Rocca range for a flooring solution that best mimics natural stone.

Our porcelain is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are impermeable, as well as fade and frost resistant. The durability of each porcelain tile makes them resistant to scratches, stains, mould, moss and algae.

Often it is thought that porcelain might become slippery in frosty or wet weather conditions. However, our porcelain paving slabs are manufactured with a UK standard R11 anti-slip finish to help prevent slipping and falling when the weather is treacherous.

There is also the added bonus that porcelain requires very little maintenance. Accumulated dust and debris can easily be swept away with a soft-bristle sweeping brush. More stubborn dirt and marks can simply be cleaned with a warm soapy cloth.

At Porcelain Paving Direct, we sell our porcelain paving slabs by the m2, so you won’t be left with unnecessary wastage when ordering your supply. However, we do recommend adding an extra 10% to your basket to count for any damage or cracked tiles during installation.

What’s more, we offer a wide range of free porcelain paving samples so you can try before you buy. Our free samples are the perfect way to tell what style of porcelain paving is going to work for you.

If we haven’t yet convinced you that light grey porcelain paving is the right investment for you and your home improvement project, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

With valuable experience, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products.

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