Porcelain Paving Slabs For Your Garden

If you have never heard of porcelain paving slabs, allow us to shed some light on the situation. Far more structurally advanced than natural stone paving, porcelain can replicate many natural materials and offer a robust and high-quality finish for any garden.

With so many colours, effects and collections to choose from at Porcelain Paving Direct you will be spoilt for choice. To kick start the decision-making process, it’s best to consider what your property looks like now and what will complement it.

For example, if the outside structure of your home features light brick then dark-coloured porcelain paving slabs may not pair too well. On the other hand, if the brickwork is dark then paving tiles that are light in colour will likely be too big of a contrast.

When it comes to the size of your garden, some porcelain paving slabs will look better than others. Small outdoor spaces will suit light colours such as white, cream, beige and light grey because these tones provide a more open and airy feel.

Whereas large gardens may benefit from a deeper colour such as brown or dark grey. This will give a sense of space-saving to ensure your garden doesn’t feel too vast in size. Dark porcelain paving slabs also provide a sophisticated and contemporary vibe for your property.

Our porcelain paving slabs are the solution you need for your garden, for so many reasons. Besides looking and feeling like natural stone, the tiles have many structural advantages that make them the first choice for paving.

Their durable and robust finish means that they can withstand everyday wear and tear as well as cracks, dents, chips and scratches that may occur over time with heavy footfall. The slabs are also manufactured with an R11 anti-slip finish to combat slips, trips and falls.

What’s more, porcelain paving slabs are non-porous (porosity levels are below 0.05%) so they do not retain moisture caused by spillages, rain or snow. Therefore, no matter what the season your paving will continue looking exceptional.

With valuable experience distributing porcelain paving, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products. Contact us and we will discuss your specific needs today.

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