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Choosing The Right Grey Porcelain Paving For Your Build

Posted on 7th February 2022

For many reasons, grey porcelain paving is extremely popular for home improvement projects. Timeless, versatile, and available in a wide variety of shades across our porcelain collections; it’s time to explore the beautiful grey porcelain paving options we offer.

All of our porcelain products are perfect for a wide range of property and garden designs. With so many styles to choose from, we promise that you will be able to choose a paving slab you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Light and dark tones

Our collection of grey porcelain paving comes in a wide variety of shades. A great starting point in choosing the right tiles is to determine whether you want to achieve a light or dark appearance.

When choosing between the two; it’s worth considering if you want more light to feature in your space or whether you would prefer a more toned down look. If the area you are paving is particularly exposed to sunlight, it may be worth picking a mid-to-dark grey shade such as our Rocca Kandla Grey porcelain paving.

Whereas, if your garden is more shaded, a light grey porcelain tile like our Brava Grigio flooring will inject brightness instantly.

Your entire garden design is something to bear in mind also. If you are looking to create eye-catching features, dark grey porcelain paving paired with tropical plants make a statement. Alternatively, build a villa-style look with light grey paving and neutral furniture.

Cool and warm undertones

By looking at the undertones of the brickwork and grouting already present in your home, you can then make a decision on warm or cool-toned grey porcelain paving.

For example, if your property features red brickwork and beige-toned grout, choosing grey porcelain tiles with warm undertones and swirls of beige running through will pair well. We recommend our Manhattan Grey patio slabs to create a seamlessly beautiful look.

On the other hand, our Brava Cello grey porcelain paving feature cooler undertones and pairs well with beige brickwork and darker cladding.


The texture of your chosen grey porcelain paving can make a huge difference to the overall finished look of your landscaping project.

To achieve a modern, clean look, choose paving tiles with a single tone and smooth edges. Alternatively, for a rustic cottage feel, choose slabs that feature tumbled edges.

With valuable experience distributing porcelain paving, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products. Contact us and we will discuss your specific needs today.

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