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Choosing The Right Colour Grout For Porcelain Tiles

Posted on 24th February 2022

Due to the wide range of colours, effects, and collections of porcelain tiles we have at Porcelain Paving Direct; it can sometimes be a tricky decision deciding which tiles you want to transform your property.

As well as this, you will need to think about the colour of grout you think is best to complement your overall paving look. But you needn’t worry because we’re about to help you make the decision with our extensive help and advice on porcelain tiles.

A starting point when deciding on grout colour is to consider what colour family your chosen paving falls into. Determining whether the tone is warm or cool will ensure the decision-making process is made simpler straight away.

Knowing this will help you decide on a grout that will effortlessly complement your paving and, hand-in-hand, deliver the stunning results you desire.

If you have decided on warm-toned grey paving, such as our beautiful Kandla Grey porcelain tiles, then we recommend a cool-toned grout in the opposite colour family. In this case, we would advise black grout to add some dimension and help your patio pop.

On the other hand, using a silver grey grout with these porcelain slabs will create a clean and uniform finish, if this is something you prefer the look of.

Something else you may want to consider when choosing the right colour grout is your property brickwork. Picking a grout that is similar to the exterior of your house makes for a blended and timeless effect.

The same rule goes for matching grout with garden furniture, decor or plant and pots. Alternatively, choose a grout that is completely at the other end of the colour spectrum to create a contrasting appearance.

If you need some more inspiration on how to choose the right grout colour for your garden or patio, feel free to check out our inspiration page for some ideas.

With valuable experience distributing porcelain paving, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products. Contact us and we will discuss your specific needs today.

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