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Choosing Porcelain Tiles For Winter

Posted on 13th December 2021

Thinking about giving your property a makeover this winter? Look no further than our stunning selection of porcelain paving tiles.

High-quality, durable, and a brilliant investment for any home; they also boast a range of other benefits which make them a perfect solution for the winter season.

There’s no doubt about it, that as Christmas approaches, we are definitely starting to feel the wintry chill in the air. However, porcelain paving is up for the challenge of proving itself as the best winterproof surface for your outdoor or indoor space due to its durable qualities and robust composition.

Here are the reasons why porcelain tiles are the paving solution you need this winter.

Anti-slip finish

As a result of the riven finish and R11 anti-slip properties our porcelain slabs are manufactured with, they have maximum grip. Therefore, you needn’t worry about slipping or falling when the worst of winter hits the UK.

With our range of porcelain paving tiles, you can expect plenty of traction and firmness underfoot to provide you with complete peace of mind as harsher weather conditions begin to make an appearance.


Our porcelain tiles are suitable for a huge variety of surfaces, including patios, driveways, and swimming pools to kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Therefore, when the real cold comes in you can rest assured that porcelain paving is highly resistant to freezing temperatures.

At Porcelain Paving Direct, our entire collection has been manufactured to offer frost-proof qualities to ensure you are always safe when using your outdoor space during the winter months.

Due to the fact that our porcelain paving is non-porous, it is unable to retain much moisture, which significantly reduces the risk of ice and provides a reliable performance.

As an added bonus, our porcelain slabs are pre-sealed, which means there are no cracks present for any water to settle into, expand, and potentially cause large cracks in your paving investment.

Low maintenance

Even in the winter months when the weather conditions are much more soggy, muddy, and dirty; our porcelain paving doesn’t require much maintenance at all. We’d recommend that once every couple of months you give the tiles a wipe over with a bucket of warm water and washing up liquid to eliminate any dirt marks.

Occasional sweeping may also be required if the paving has accumulated dead leaves or general debris.

If we haven’t yet convinced you that porcelain paving is the right investment for you and your home improvement project, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

With valuable experience, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products.

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