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5 Ways To Transform Your Garden With Porcelain Tiles

Posted on 30th March 2022

Whether you wish to entertain guests or simply enjoy lazy weekends relaxing in the sunshine, your outdoor patio can really be a place of happiness if you design it right. At Porcelain Paving Direct, that’s made easy with our stunning range of porcelain tiles.

Summer is just around the corner, so with that in mind it is the ideal time to be thinking about sprucing your garden in time to enjoy the best of the British weather.

Creating the perfect garden is often an investment but one that has many long-term benefits. Designing a warm and welcoming garden will not only make it more appealing to spend time in throughout the year, it will also add instant value to your property.

With a wide range of refreshingly modern effects and colours available, porcelain paving makes it easy to transform dull gardens and patios.

Here are five ways to redesign your garden with porcelain tiles.

Mix colours

When it comes to picking the perfect porcelain tiles for your patio, we recommend that you consider the brickwork of your house and what level of lighting your garden is exposed to. These two important factors will help make your colour-choosing decision much easier.

Generally, the rule is to add more light to shaded gardens with lighter coloured porcelain tiles such as white, cream, and beige. On the other hand, patios that are exposed to plenty of sunlight will suit darker colours such as grey, brown, and black.

However, playing around with colours and combining them to create a textured, two-tone appearance is a trend that's becoming more popular. Try out a checkerboard design or choose a dark border to complement light coloured porcelain tiles.

Redesign your lawn with porcelain tiles

Perhaps your lawn has seen better days and could do with a complete makeover. If you struggle with the maintenance of grass, you might want to think about redesigning your garden and replacing it with porcelain tiles instead.

One of the many benefits of porcelain is that it is extremely low maintenance. Every few months it simply requires some sweeping with a soft-bristle sweeping brush and should any marks occur, a bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth will do the trick.

Create porcelain benches for outdoor seating

If you wish to create a seamless patio look, design outdoor seating with porcelain tiles to transition with your patio. Using raised platforms, porcelain paving can be used to make a modern bench for you and your guests.

Once built, add some cushions and blankets for extra comfort and texture.

Explore different layouts

While our porcelain tiles come in rectangular sizes, there are still ways to get creative with different layouts. Uniform installations typically give an aesthetically pleasing finishing, however a unique pattern can set your garden apart from the rest.

As a suggestion, use a myriad of different porcelain tiles in different sizes to create a striking mosaic effect.

Design timeless pathways

As well as beautiful patios, our porcelain tiles are great for creating stunning pathways. Whether you wish to make entrances or exits to your garden or design pathways that lead to garden features, porcelain guarantees a uniform finish for every application.

If we haven’t yet convinced you that porcelain paving is the right investment for you and your home improvement project, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

With valuable experience, we are able to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior with our products.

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